Youth Enrichment

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Project Runway Sewing Class (Ages 10 & up)
Break Dancing Class (Ages 6 & up)
Earn a merit badge at the ECC – Attention Scout Leaders!!!

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Project Runway Sewing Class

Children will learn to use the sewing machine to make pajama pants.  The last class will end with a fashion show for parents.

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Break Dancing Class (Ages 6 & up)

Break Dancing offers students who enjoy moving to music and acrobatics an opportunity to dance and perform. This popular dance form builds upper body strength and coordination as well as finding your own character in expressing yourself through dance. In performance, Break Dancing is often a big crowd pleaser, building self confidence among the dancers. Hip-Hop is fast becoming one of the most “in” dance forms in America. Mastering all foundations and elements in this competitive dance style is what we strive for.

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Earn a merit badge at the ECC – Attention Scout Leaders!!!

We offer rock climbing, archery, cooking, crafts, team building, and more!

Bring in your Girl Scout or Boy Scout group in and let our staff help facilitate the session. We have professional instructors and a beautiful facility to host your next event or merit badge earning session. Choose from rock climbing, archery, cooking/baking, arts & crafts, sports and more.  Scout leaders interested in setting up a merit badge session please contact Joel Silkoff at (203)459-9700 x 103.